Posted by: candysuejo | March 24, 2013

sneak peek of “Raising Sis” book

(a sneak peek of the book “Raising Sis”)

After picking her up out of the woods, we took Sis to our country home and she followed us in. I loved this time with our raccoon. This was feeding and bonding time.  I started Sis on dry cat food when she was weaned from the bottle, but as time went on, I found other treats she liked. On these nights, I always started with cat food, then gave her froot loops (which she loved), little vanilla crème cookies, and her all-time favorite treat, Reeses Pieces. She didn’t get the Reeses Pieces unless she ate the cat food, though. Sis loved to be hand fed and sometimes, she wouldn’t eat at all unless I fed her that way. She wanted to eat immediately when we arrived at the house because she was hungry, then after getting her belly full, it was playtime.

She would run, jump, hide and chew on her toys during playtime. She had lots of energy on these nights, as she had probably slept all day before we arrived.

After she played for an hour, it was cuddle time. Sis knew when she was done eating that we would soon be leaving, so after she played with us for a bit, she would crawl up in my arms or right beside me and snuggle for a bit. I would spend our snuggle time brushing her fur, petting, and talking to her. Sis’s fur was a combination of different colors. Most of her coat was a medium brown/grey color with white and black mixed in. Sis’s coat looked like it would be coarse, but it wasn’t. It was very soft and very thick.

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